Thursday, April 14, 2011

Easter is coming!

And with it some well deserved holidays! And the most important thing: in many places of the world Jesus of Nazareth will be shown again on TV! Alas, not as widespread as it were in previous years, but I still hope that many people will discover again Robert’s talent thanks to the mini-series.
I found the other day on Amazon an umpteenth new version of Jesus of Nazareth on DVD. The box reads “This full un-edited version” ... but for a running time of 374 minutes I really doubt it’s the complete version. For less than 5£ I guess there’s nothing that deserves buying it if you already have it (personally I have 4 versions! The UK, the American, the Mexican and French DVDs, up to now the US DVD is the longest version and the French version contains a bonus interview with Zeffirelli from the late 70s, but still it’s shorter than the TV version.
Why? Why on Earth it’s impossible to release the full version on DVD with real bonus ????? I'd love to see the scenes that were cut!
I hoped that an honorable version was going to be released for the 30th anniversary, but nothing happened! Why?? Why there isn't a special edition commented by Zeffirelli and Robert and the other living stars. It’s a shame none have asked them to comment the film and release a REAL Special edition. It would be interesting to know all the details as Zeffirelli put them into words in his biography (excellent book, highly recommended) and in the book Franco Zeffirelli’s Jesus : A spiritual diary, I still haven’t found that jewel!
In another subject, I found this lovely picture of how Robert looks during the play Jeffrey Bernard is unwell. He looks so much like Peter O’Toole with that wig!

And a little bonus relief because I’ll be offline for some days J : a recent interview with Robert Powell (march 2011) where he talks about his decision to stop Holby and get back to the stage. Thanks to Irina for the link!

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Irene said...

Exactly, my first thought was he looks just like O'Toole in this pic. Maybe it's also something all great English actors over 60 has in common. ) Some wise and world-weary and irresistible charm.