Friday, July 22, 2011

Holby City : Seeing other people

Sorry, it’s been a while since I haven’t post an article. You know it’s summer time!
Well, today I would like to talk about Holby City… again. About a special episode from season 11: “Seeing other people”.
As I don’t live in the UK I follow the show with a 2-year gap. I try to follow the show, I recorded most of the episodes where Robert appeared, but until season 11 I didn’t have the time to watch them entirely. So, since season 11 I watch every episode even if Robert is not there.
Of course, it’s been a bit frustrating (and boring sometimes) as he doesn’t appears enough to my taste and he is misused as an actor as he deserves more challenging scenes than just appearing some seconds here and some seconds there.
Yesterday, finally, I saw an episode with the kind of performance I expect from him : intense, sensitive, what an actor!

For those who don’t follow or don’t know the show, Robert plays Mark Williams, consultant nurse, he is the father of Chrissie, another nurse and recently has been involved with nurse Daisha. This relationship in fact is not real love, not sexual attraction but a very unique kind of love : Mark cares for Daisha and wants to protect her, which he had been doing for about 30 episodes…
Anyway, this episode marks the end of their “relationship” as Chrissie disagrees with Mark’s behavior towards Daisha. Is it jealousy, as he cares for Daisha as a father cares for a daughter? Or does she really think the obsession he has for Daisha is unhealthy? The scenes with Chrissie and Mark are so intense, mainly thanks to Robert’s performance. You can really feel what’s in the character’s heart.
Before I make a special edition with Robert’s scenes, I invite you to watch the episode on youtube.

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