Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Private Detectives

On Janary 2012, BBC 1 broadcasted a show called "The One and Only Jasper Carrott". In this show Jasper made other sketches and stand-up comedy. But the most important part (at least to us Robert Powell fans) was the come back of The Detectives.

So this sketch was called "The Private Detectives" with Robert and Jasper reprising their marvelous roles of David Briggs and Bob Louis. They are two private detectives from the agency Sherlock and Holmes SAS, for Safety and security. The story takes place in a hospital where they have to protect a russian football player from the mafia. Obviously they fail. It was very funny as it was as the comedy was the same as we were used too, but they added a lot of gags about senility and being old. There is an adorable scene where both appear sleeping together, it was hilarious!

You can catch it on Youtube on the link above. Enjoy!!

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