Friday, February 18, 2011

Robert’s Italian Job Part 2: D’Annunzio

In 1985 Robert filmed in Italy D’Annunzio, about a period in the life of the Italian poet Gabriele D’Annunzio. He is young, handsome and his writings seduce women. The writer is married and has children, but entertains love affairs with the women who admire him. The film centers on the passion he had for Elvira Fraternati Leoni, who left her husband for him.
Hum! Again a Greek box!
So the plot sounds interesting, finally a film that offered to Robert the role of a seducer (and many love scenes!). In the film Robert looks so OHHHHHHHH MY GOD! SEXY! I just don’t have words, more than sexy! Handsome is so little to describe him! He looked gorgeous! However, his beautiful face and the presence of other Italian big names wasn’t enough to make a good film. The story goes nowhere, and that’s a pity, as I was so amazed to see finally Robert in the kind of role I wanted him to play!

I love the color of his hair
Robert appears almost in each scene of the film, but it was made in Italian, so Robert was dubbed and I don’t know if there’s an English version with his voice. To be honest I’ve seen it long time ago and didn’t understand it fully as my Italian is very poor! Sadly it’s not a master piece, but it made a good impression to me, mainly because of Robert.
I would have loved to know how was it for Robert to star this film in another language with Italian actors and director, I wonder how did they work together and why did he decide to make this film. Did he want an Italian career?
I leave you with a link to some scenes of this film :
 and a link to an Italian site with pictures of the film. If you’re keen in Italian check the reviews, alas, negative.

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