Friday, February 4, 2011

Robert's strongest link

Some time ago, in 2008 , there was a special The Weakest Link with cast members of Casualty and Holby City challenging. I wanted so much to watch this! Thanks to someone who post it on youtube now we all can watch it!

Checkit by yourself! Robert should have won (somehow he did as the money raised went to his charities The Lords Taverners and Sparks. Watch it, Robert is soooo funny! The best bits of course are the eliminations.

Wrong answer, Robert!
 The best one : when the last Casualty member is outted by Robert and Duncan Pow, Robert is asked "Are you sure that Jesus would want?' and Robert replies that "Duncan is my best mate" that just so funny!

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Irene said...

Great! I hoped so much it would appear someday.
What does he say about Mark in the beginning?