Wednesday, March 30, 2011

About Colour me Kubrick

This nice comedy was made by Brian Cook, who  knew Kubrick very well as they worked together (he was second unit director) in numerous films (Eyes wide shut, Barry Lindon, etc). This film was a pleasant surprise as it marked Robert’s come back to the films.
The film tells the story of Alan Conway, an alcoholic, gay, con man who nabbed a lot of people pretending to be Stanley Kubrick even though he didn’t look at all like him. For his first film, Cook tried comedy and he succeeded it as the film is extremely funny, mainly for the musical homage to some Kubrick’s films. Cook reunited a five-star cast led by John Malkovich as Alan Conway and a multitude of guest appearances among them Marisa Berenson (Barry Lindon), Honor Blackman (The Avengers), Ken Russell (in the funniest scene of the film) and… Robert Powell!
This film was produced by Europacorp, Luc Besson’s production company, and that’s the reason I had the chance to see it in France. It was released in 2005, and even if the critics were OK, they weren’t enthusiast about the film.
The film was released as a “gay film” and the critics didn’t give details about the plot. And I must confess that even me I awaited a bit too long to go and see it at the cinema! When I decided to go and see it, it was only available in one cinema. I was very excited but worried at the same time, I was worried about Robert’s appearance in the film: How long? How good? What if I didn’t like it? At the end I was very pleased for the following reasons:
-        It’s an enjoyable film! At a moment I even forgot I was there to see Robert!
-        Robert appears in four scenes (more than I’ve expected!). He plays a journalist who investigates about the case. The first scene in which he talks to Conway on the phone is lovely, as Conway says “I like your voice”. Funny that Malkovich says that to Robert! (both have marvelous voices).

"I like your voice!"
I would like to know why Robert made that film after so long. And why he didn’t do more! When I met him, back in 2002, he seemed to be annoyed when he learnt that I knew he was going to do that film according to the IMDB. He said he hadn’t signed it yet, that he wasn’t sure, and that it was a “favor”.  I didn’t ask more, but the question kept in my mind… and still is.

The only thing I didn't like of the film was that waistcoat

Back to the subject: the film is mild amusement, I highly recommend it! And I leave you with two scenes with Robert. If you want to see the funny scene with Ken Russell, watch the trailer, he’s one of the crazy guys at the asylum.

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