Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Asphyx remake

Oh yes! Another remake! Robert said once that he was ”the king of remakes” (The Thirty Nine Steps, The Four Feathers, Il segno del commando, The Mystery of Edwin Drood… and we can also consider Frankenstein and Jesus of Nazareth as adaptations).
Well, there are also remakes of Robert’s best films! Remember the terrible Italian Job made in Hollywood and now there is going to be a remake of the classic The Asphyx.

I discovered this informations on this blog. The film is scheduled by 21st June 2011 and there is  not much information about the story or the cast. Something sure is that Alison Doody (Indiana Jones and the last crusade) will star the film in the role of Christina. From what is leaked  the story is centered in the girl, who is going to play a doctor.
I don’t know why producers call a Remake a film that changes all the story but only keeps the title and the character names (like in the remake of The Italian job). OK, I understand what a remake means, but if everything is going to change, why don’t get a different title?
Anyway, I hope this is going to create interest in the original Asphyx. Robert looked so lovely and young and the story was excellent. I liked Robert “horror” films : OK it’s not really horror, but he made many “strange” films such as Asylum, The Asphyx, Harlequin, Survivor and later on we can count Il segno del commando. I wish he made more of that kind of films.

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Irene said...

Watched "The Asphyx" this weekend and LOVED it. Beautiful and sinister. Enjoyed Robert's playing and looks in particular, of course. :) Actually, there are many little things in the movie that real scientist wouldn't do, but psychological side is even more thrilling than what they are trying to do. Final takes of Giles are fantastic.