Sunday, June 5, 2011

"After 35 years, it's nice to be remembered for anything"

I came accross this wonderful interview Robert did to STV's The Hour (thanks to Sylvie, a fellow fan for the tip).

This interview looks great and speaks about his career and the play Jeffrey Bernard is unwell, which was on tour in Scotland that week.

The remarkable bits concern as usual the eternal question about his performance in Jesus of Nazareth to which Robert said :
"I’m flattered by it. It was kind of annoying, three or four years after I’d done it, the fact that it still was there was a little bit irritating because I’d moved on to other things. But now, hey, after 35 years, it’s nice to be remembered for anything really, isn’t it?”
I found it just delicious!!

Then he also mentioned a visit he made to Cyprus about 5 years ago during Easter and he was surprised people were coming to him. There are also delicious details about filming The Detectives, such as that the camera men had to be covered by blankets so Robert and Jasper wouldn't be disturbed by their laughs. It would be marvelous to have those details on a DVD The Detectives Special Edition commented by Jasper and Robert, what are they waiting for??????

So you can check the interview and a related article on STV's official site, or check it on the link below:

Thanks for reading!


Irene said...

Most enjoyable! And Robert looks absolutely great.
P.S. Any idea, can it be downloaded anyhow from My usual "trick" don't work (

Anonymous said...

Hi! I can't figure out how to get it. I've seen that firefox download helper can download embedded videos but is a paying service :(