Saturday, June 25, 2011

A tour on interesting DVD releases : The Thirty Nine Steps

Another interesting DVD release concerns The Thirty Nince Steps, extremely enjoyable film. I found this edition though I ignore the release date as I haven't found it on Amazon nor other site. I found it on Ebay, and as it was mentioned the "On location with Robert Powell" I felt obliged to buy it. (In addition, Robert's picture on the cover is just adoooorable)
So this DVD contains a featurette “On location with Robert Powell” in which Robert presents some of the filming locations of all the 3 versions of the film. I don’t know when was this made, presumably it was around 1998-2001 as Robert wears a beard and I’ve seen that beard in pictures from that period, specially at the times of the BT Challenge (another subject for a future post). The featurette doesn’t give any interesting information, but Robert looks great and it’s lovely to see him call Hitchcock only “Hitch”.

I leave you with some pics taken from the video :
Robert in the Royal Albert Hall

I loved his face in this one!

At the Palladium Theatre (used in the Hitchock version)

Mhh, and this location was used in which version??? Just kidding

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Irene said...

Another cool post!
Hope the featurette will appear on youtube someday. ;-)
Robert looks just like in another "On location" thing he did - about A Fish Called Wanda (except he wore glasses in that one).

Gigi said...

I'll put it very soon. Hey, I didn't know he did more "On location"!! is it on the A Fish Called Wanda dvd??? I need to see it!!

Irene said...

Yes, there was a DVD release of Fish Called Wanda with lots of bonus material, including On location with [not very much of!] Robert.