Sunday, June 19, 2011

A tour on interesting DVD releases : Jesus of Nazareth

As a fan I own the same film with Robert Powell in as many editions as there are! The main reason? For some reason there are always alternate versions of his films (I mean watching him 5 minutes more is always welcome!). And also the main reason, sometimes you can find a lot of good and excellent surprises:

USA Artisan edition 2000 : There are no interesting special features, but this is the longest edition ever released in original audio (382 minutes) if you compare it to the UK edition of the same year which lasts 270 minutes!

The 2002 French edition lasts also 382 minutes, but it contains a featurette about the filming locations in which you can see Robert reading the newspaper (his wife Babs can be seen not far from him) and he also appears while Zeffirelli himself is putting some fake blood on his face. There is also an interview with Franco Zeffirelli made for French tv at the time the series were shown. In this interview Zeffirelli said something very interesting for all of us who want to see the complete tv series :
“I made 3 versions of this film : one of 6 hours that was released at the same time in Italy, UK and USA, then a 4:30 version in a 2-part film that was released on cinemas; and finally next year I’ll release in all the other countries a 7:30 hour version with all the scenes I had to cut.”

The series I've recorded from Mexican tv last 6 hours, however I'm sure there are missing scenes on the dvd releases. This will always be a mystery! Did he release the other 7 hour version?
Jesus reading the newspaper!

Zeffirelli's hand putting some fake blood on Robert's beautiful face

Filming the scene with Pilato, check Zeffirelli is placed behind them

Zeffirelli's interview and the promotion of the book of the film

I'll add the video (in French) very soon, I promise it!

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